Defending the Good Society – The Assault on Order, Justice, and Freedom

The good society is inhabited by a people who have constructed and maintain a high degree of moral and social order founded upon and held together by the glue of eternal truths, norms, human universals, mores and traditions, distant voices of the past, and most importantly faithfulness to God and the prescriptions of the Bible. In such a society will be found a high degree of order, justice, and freedom.

It is at this point that many non-Christians who approve of and value the attributes and provisions of the good society will reject the God of the Bible as the fountain of truth from which the good society must draw its pattern and sustenance. But that cannot be as will be shown throughout this book. Any source other than God’s perfect truth as shown in His creation and revelation to the ancient Israelites and first century Christians is less than perfect. Over the course of time, that source will be revealed as flawed and inevitably lead to disorder and disintegration of any society based on imperfect truth. I ask that that the skeptic continue reading and reserve judgment on this point until the end of the book.

This book’s hypothesis is that the ongoing efforts to destroy the good society are a consequence of applied humanism as it is imposed on the everyday life of Americans in the grip of forced equality. The dominant humanistic concept of forced equality is disintegrative because of its nature and presents not only a false philosophy and view of the world but is doing significant if not fatal damage to American society and the world. From these premises and perspective, the author has titled this book Defending the Good Society – The Assault on Order, Justice, and Freedom.

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