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Recommended Reading

For readers wishing to explore various themes regarding truth, faith, Christianity, Western civilization, the Judeo-Christian worldview, and the founding of the United States, Anvil House highly recommends the following books available from other publishers (for availability, contact your local bookstore or do a web search):

  • The Myth of Separation – David Barton
  • The Broken Hearth – William J. Bennett
  • Commentaries on the Laws of England – William Blackstone
  • Slouching Towards Gomorrah – Robert Bork
  • Reflections on the Revolution in France – Edmund Burke
  • Witness – Whitaker Chambers
  • How Now Shall We Live? – Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey
  • The Kingdom of God and the American Dream – Sherwood Eddy
  • The Theme is Freedom – M. Stanton Evans
  • The Way of the Modern World – Craig M. Gay
  • Clash of Orthodoxies – Robert P. George
  • The Road to Serfdom – F. A. Hayek
  • The Reason for God – Timothy Keller
  • The Roots of American Order – Russell Kirk
  • The Essential Kirk – Selected Essays – Russell Kirk – George A Panichas, ed.
  • Reason in the Balance – Phillip Johnson
  • The Complete C. S. Lewis Signature Classics – C. S. Lewis (Harper One)
  • The Timeless Writings of C. S. Lewis – C. S. Lewis (Inspirational Press)
  • The Normal Christian Life – Watchman Nee
  • Elements of a Christian Worldview – Michael D. Palmer, ed.
  • The Federalist Papers – Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay
  • The Good Life and Its Discontents – Robert J. Samuelson
  • Escape from Reason – Francis A. Schaeffer
  • A Patriot’s History of the United States – Larry Schweikart and Michael Allen
  • The 5000 Year Leap – Cleon W. Skousen
  • The Secular Revolution – Christian Smith, ed.
  • Democracy in America – Alexis de Tocqueville
  • Living Constitution, Dying Faith – Bradley C. S. Watson
  • Visions of Order – Richard Weaver
  • Ideas Have Consequences – Richard Weaver